Best Night Vision and Thermal Vision Devices by EOC

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Night Vision Binoculars is a type of night vision device that uses two eyepieces. This type of night vision is designed for longer observation sessions. Binocular Night vision system gives you more comfort and depth perception. Usually Night vision binoculars have higher magnification and are used for long and middle range observation. Night Vision binoculars can be used with tripods and some other night vision accessories.

AGM FOXBAT 5 Night Vision Bi-Ocular
NL3i, NL2i, NW3i, NW2iFrom € 2199.00
AGM FOXBAT LE6 Night Vision Bi-Ocular
NL2i, NL1iFrom € 4099.00
AGM FOXBAT LE7 Night Vision Bi-Ocular
NL2i, NL1iFrom € 4490.00