Best Night Vision and Thermal Vision Devices by EOC

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EOC offers a range of daytime binoculars by US manufacturer of night and thermal vision devices - Armasight. Armasights daytime binoculars offer plenty of magnification, solid waterproof construction and built-in range finder reticle designed for military, law enforcement and the outdoor adventurer's needs. The binoculars provide a powerful magnification and crystal clear optics, which deliver a full range of color and clarity.

8X36 Daytime Binocular
€ 139.00
AGM 20RD – Professional Red Dot Sight
€ 99.00
AGM 430PS – Professional 4x Prism Scope
€ 249.00
AGM 1-8X24RS – Professional Riflescopes
€ 289.00
AGM 2-16X44RS – Professional Riflescopes
€ 389.00