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Welcome to Homepage of European Optic Company (EOC)

EOC is on the market for over 10 years. We specialize in the master distribution of the infrared vision equipment of two fields: night vision technology and thermal vision technology. EOC Company introduces and distributes a wide range of the night vision optical equipment of the US manufacturer – FLIR OUTDOOR & TACTICAL SYSTEMS (old Armasight), namely: Night Vision Goggles, Night Vision Monoculars, Night Vision Binoculars, Night Vision Multi-Purpose Systems and Daytime optics. Being FLIR OUTDOOR & TACTICAL SYSTEMS master distributor we are the first to receive all brand new products providing you with all latest technologies of the world of Night Vision. We provide aftersales support for the whole EU territory, our services include warranty repairs, replacements and upgrading of the night vision systems. The I2 night vision devices by Armasight are equipped with high technology hand-selected image intensifier tubes of the 1st and 2+ night vision generations. Each optical device is a precise instrument developed with applications of the computer software and thoroughly selected materials and prisms. The high performance image intensifier tubes provide sharp and clear image that will surely satisfy both consumer and military market requirements. EOC works with the widest array of generation 2+ . Even a common hunter or a budget-conscious police department can find their best option in our product range of 2+, SDi, IDi or HDi tubes-inside night vision monoculars, binoculars and goggles.

We bring you the latest technologies and innovations of the world of Night vision to make sure that you get the best quality available. The optical quality of devices is considerably enhanced thanks to its exclusive proprietary lens coatings. EOC offers the only scopes in the world covered with the Everlight and Proshield Lens Coatings.

Warning of ownership and usage. The devices in our catalogue may have some limitation depending on the law of the country where it is used. The customer is solely responsible for compliance with the laws which are active at the present moment of the time. Importers and distributors are liable for compliance with import and export legislation.

Notice of legal export. Most units at our catalogue and website are considered as “dual use” items, and they are subjects of EU export restrictions. In general, the items may not be re-exported without the authorization of the competent authorities, unless the destination country belongs to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or it is a main member of international forum of export control of arms of non-proliferation of dual use devices (Wassenaar Arrangement, Australia Group, Nuclear Suppliers Group, MTCR, Zangger Committee).

European Optic Company applies individual approach to very customer ensuring the satisfaction of every Night Vision need.
Feel free to contact us for any inquiry our competent team is at your service:
40591 Duesseldorf, Germany
Tel.: Direct (049) 211-418 73 217, (049) 211-167 50 54

EOC (European Optic Company) is one of the world's largest distributor's of Night Vision Devices offering the broadest product line to fit any requirements and budget. EOC is also a service centre with many years of experience providing after-sales services all over Europe. We bring you the latest technologies and innovations of the world of Night vision to make sure that you get the best quality available. The optical quality of devices is considerably enhanced thanks to its exclusive proprietary lens coatings.
Do you want to improve your home security, are you providing life survival operations, are you a hunter or just want a unit for night-time observation, we have something special for you. We offer competitive prices and high quality and also we offer the two year warranty for our customers. On our web site you will find all the products that EOC offers and remember if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at +049-211-1675054
We have a wide choice of different types of units. Do you need Binocular, Monocular or NV Goggles, EOC can easily supply you with them. The core of our devices is the Image Intensifier Tube. We're using only high grade components. We're dealing with world leading IIT manufacturers, we use Image Intensifier Tubes with a high resolution and amazing sensitivity. Every IIT is like a diamond and we chose best of them. We offer our customers personal attitude and perfect service. Our partner is providing a new Image Intensifier Technology for low-budget monoculars called CORE which is the future of Night Vision. Even the most demanding customer will be satisfied with our products. We're using only high grade optics and coated lenses we assure you that our products have excellent quality. Our units are water and weather resistant, all of them were tested with a solt fog in our laboratory.
EOC is a partner of many leading US-based providers of cutting-edge Night Vision and advanced Thermal Imaging solutions, high quality Direct View Binoculars, Illumination Tools and other precision optics featuring outstanding performance and a wealth of innovative features. Every unit is designed using the state-of-the-art materials. Our company and our partners are looking forward to improve our products by using the latest electro-optical technological advancements. It's our duty to provide our customers with the best products at competetive prices. We are using best business practises, in full compiance with all applicable laws of Germany and the country of end-use.We are a standard in Night Vision and electro-optical arena. We are supporting elite military units, law enforcement professionals, first responder agencies as well as the usuall customers all over the world.